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Agreement signed on compensation for Škofja Loka shooting range


Škofja Loka - Defence Minister Matej Tonin met Škofja Loka Mayor Tine Radinja during the government's visit to the Gorenjska region on Friday. They discussed future cooperation and signed an agreement under which the ministry will provide EUR 200,000 to the municipality for offsetting the negative impact of the Crngrob shooting range.

Radinja announced that the funds will be used next year to renovate the road near the shooting range, which will benefit the residents of nearby villages Crngrob and Dorfarje, as they are the ones who suffer the most due to negative effects, especially sound pollution.

Some residents also expressed their wish to abolish the shooting range, but Radinja explained that it probably will not happen, as it has been there for a long time. However, discussions are taking place on how to minimise noise pollution and reduce the frequency of shooting practices.

Meanwhile, Tonin said that he and the mayor had also agreed to start talks on a new five-year agreement, which would define the common interests that concern both the municipality and the ministry.

"We will try to take into account the wishes of the municipality, which has an interest in certain portions of land owned by the ministry, and the interests of the Defence Ministry in training the Slovenian Armed Forces," said Tonin, who expects the agreement to be concluded next year.

Radinja explained that the municipality would like to develop another 4,000 m2 of land in the area of the former barracks, and that a park with green and recreational spaces has been planned there for a long time.

The agreement could be the basis for the land to be transferred from the ministry to the municipality, and for the Škofja Loka municipality to immediately start developing the area.

Radinja also met Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec and Environment Minister Andrej Vizjak on Friday to discuss the issues surrounding the roads that would connect the Škofja Loka area to the motorway network.

As Tonin said during the government's visit, figures show that Gorenjska is one of the most developed regions in Slovenia, and has many opportunities available in the fields of economy and tourism.

The visit will help speed up certain procedures, "to move things forward and further contribute to the faster development of the Gorenjska region," added Tonin.

As part of the government visit to the Gorenjska region on Friday, Tonin also paid a visit to the fire brigades in Škofja Loka and in the town of Žiri, met with the town's mayor Janez Žakelj and the management of the Žiri-based shoe-making company Alpina.


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