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Minister attended conference on animals' well-being

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Ljubljana - Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek attended on Thursday a conference on animals' well-being in the EU, hosted by the European Commission. He said animals' well-being was an important part of the Farm to Fork strategy and a key element of transition to sustainable food systems.

"On the way to more sustainable food systems, we need to respect animal welfare while maintaining the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European producers," said Podgoršek.

Animal welfare is one of the most important topics discussed by the EU Council and is also highlighted during the Slovenian presidency, the Agriculture Ministry said in a press release.

Podgoršek also touched on the Council's call to the Commission for the introduction of labelling showing that animals well-being is being observed.

Such a labelling would contribute to improving the well-being of animals and bring pay to the producers who are striving for better conditions for their animals than the EU law demands.

"This type of labelling is an answer to the increasing demand for products that have been produced under higher animal protection standards," the minister added.

"Member states agree that Europe must continue to actively protect animals, including by empowering consumers to support higher standards of well-being of farm animals. Nevertheless, future steps should be prudent so as to preserve the competitiveness of European breeders and producers," Podgoršek said.

The conference was intended for stakeholders to express their views on the Commission's main ideas for the overhaul of the EU legislation on animals' well-being as part of public consultation period that started in October.


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