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Friday protesters note importance of fight for human rights


Ljubljana - The Friday protesters gathered last evening in Ljubljana's Republic Square, dedicating this week's protest to Human Rights Day to emphasise the importance of fight for their protection. They said that these were often violated precisely because of conscious acts and policies of the current authorities in Slovenia.

The protesters noted the events from Thursday evening on the Dragonja River, where a search is still underway for a 10-year-old Turkish girl who was swept away while looking for a "normal and safe life in the EU" with her family.

One of the most prominent protesters, Jaša Jenull, noted that the tragedy on the Slovenian-Croatian border had happened to the Turkish family because of "our wire fences" and "our politics".

At the protest, clothes, shoes and other necessities were being collected for the thousands of refugees and migrants stranded on the Balkan route in the winter conditions.

An online debate was also held after the protest, at which the issue of the situation of the Roma community in Slovenia was raised, while proposals to reform the political system in the country was also discussed.

"The current state of (non)democracy in Slovenia has shown how quickly the system can be exploited and the foundations of the rule of law undermined," said the informal organisation called People's Assembly.

"This is why more and more individuals and organisations are advocating radical reform of the political system, which is also supported by an increasing number of constitutional jurists," it added.

The Voice of the People initiative proposed reform that would ensure greater participation in democratic procedures, nomination of candidates on party lists and enforcement of the constitutional principle that power is vested in the people.


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