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Paper comments on human rights and migrants


Koper - The newspaper Primorske Novice ponders on illegal migrants and human rights as it comments on Saturday on a Turkish woman trying to swim across a river from Croatia into Slovenia as the water swept one of her children away.

This was on the same day when Human Rights Day was observed and Josep Borrell said on behalf of the EU that this day reminds us that human rights are universal and unalienable and that the EU will double its efforts to help the oppressed wherever they live.

"Why would a women with kids cross the swollen and torrential river Dragonja when Borrell assures her that he will be by her side? Why is she acting 'irresponsibly' as Interior Ministry State Secretary Božo Predalič put it?"

It is more than obvious that we live in a time of hypocrisy when people have theoretically the right to dignity but find it hard to have it implemented, including "when fleeing into free and democratic Europe, which also celebrates Human Rights Day".

In Europeans' perception of security, there is no irresponsible crossing of the border and we do not understand what drives a person to jump into a cold, swollen river. "We'll rather bake cookies, put up the nativity scene and rejoice at Christmas holidays," concludes the commentary Women with Kids on the Run, Christmas and All That.


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