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Watchdog finds integrity breaches in SSH boss sacking


Ljubljana - The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (KPK) has established breaches of integrity in six (former) members of the management and supervisory boards of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding in relation to an agreement to terminate the term of SSH chairman Lidija Glavina in 2019.

In March 2019, Glavina agreed with the supervisory board that she would prematurely end her four-year term at the helm of the custodian of state assets.

The term ended in April, almost two years prematurely, and chief supervisor Igor Kržan stepped in as acting SSH chairman.

The agreement did not set down a severance pay, but offered Glavina the same monthly pay - almost EUR 11,000 gross - until the end of 2019 to work on some open cases, a tourism strategy and the introduction of an analytic centre.

The arrangement was met with a great deal of public criticism, but Glavina left SSH for a job at electricity trader Gen-I in July 2019 and received a severance pay.

The KPK launched a procedure in 2019 against Kržan as chief supervisor and acting SSH chairman, against former supervisor Duško Kos, and Janez Vipotnik and Karmen Dietner, who are still on the supervisory board. The procedure was also launched against former management board members Boštjan Koler and Andreja Božič.

"The commission confirmed breaches of integrity by all six official persons," the KPK said in a press release on Wednesday, but added that its findings were not final yet because all six had challenged them in court.

As part of the procedure, the KPK also addressed a set of recommendations to the SSH supervisory board and the government to adopt a policy of remuneration for SSH board members, while proposing to the finance and economy ministries to produce "an adequate severance pay arrangement for state-owned companies".


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