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Our Land party to go to election independently


Ljubljana - The Our Land party of former Agriculture Minister Aleksandra Pivec will stand in the next general election independently but it does not exclude the possibility of pre- or post-election cooperation with other parties. However, Pivec told the press today she saw no point in forging pre-election alliances only to make it into parliament.

Pivec said the party already had candidates for individual electoral constituencies.

Although the party will run independently in the election, Pivec stressed that it was willing to talk about cooperation with everyone that showed interest.

Slovenia lacks the "will for conversation and cooperation, respecting of different opinions, including different ideological views," she said.

She therefore thinks it would not be fair to reject an invitation for talks, including from the Alliance for Political Centre.

Indeed, she welcomed the connecting of centrist parties and forming an alternative to both the left and right political poles. "But I most definitely do not welcome pragmatic calculations and connecting merely to cross the parliamentary threshold," she said.

Latest public opinion polls suggest Our Land could enter parliament. Pivec said she was not surprised by this, as the party had been actively working on the ground for a year.

The party currently has little over 2,000 members and has so far founded 80 local committees.

Mateja UdovĨ, a member of the deputy group of the coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC), announced yesterday she was joining the party and Pivec said some other MPs had expressed interest in potential cooperation.


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