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Full Speed Ahead with the Handbrake On



Members of parliament cheating on high school exams, other forging high school documents, a third member of parliament not understanding that collaborating with secret service organisatons in ex-Yugoslavia could be a problem, especially if you are member of parliament. On top of all this even the main media are not capable of getting out of "yellow" populism which is also generating general distrust in the society.
Moreover, the government still does not understand that a lot of the public resistance toward reform and budget cuts has been generated by their behaviour while they were in opposition. It seems that nobody understands the power of recognition and that recognising the mistakes can be a fisrt step toward solutions for the problems ahead. On the other side, unions in the public sector completely misunderstand their role and the financing of the public sector, all together this has now combined into a dangerous mix of public slander which is more and more depressing for the citizens who are strugguling from month to month to pay their bills. This is the current situation in the so called "Balkan Swiss" Slovenia, an interesting maze with no exit on the horizon. Obviously our problem is much broader than we are prepared to understand. This is not just an economic crisis that can be resolved by the classic tools of economic policy.
It seems that Slovenia was just not finished as a complete state structure in the last 20 years. We successfully copied the basics of a western type of economy and democratic system, but we just did not read or understand the manual properly. And that applies for more or less all areas of day to day life in our country. Politicians lie day after day without consequence, transitional politically sponsored "entrepreneurs" without basic business ethics have destroyed a huge part of our economy and they are still walking freely around and even more, they are so arrogant that they are still explaining their "story" in the media which uncritically publishes everything that is "interesting" or "hot" or maybe "funny".
We simply did not understand that one of the crucial things is an effective justice system which means that people have a feeling of general justice in the country. As a consequence, all of the most important influencers, from politicians to entreprenuers, have simply lost the basic feeling for what is right and what is wrong, what is good for the country and what is wrong for the country. So, as a result, we have also the general population, unions, students and workers who are slowly adapting to the general situation and copying the same behaviour patterns. We are really in a situation where just pushing the reset button will not be enough, we need a complete change of hardware and software and somebody with the knowlege to properly understand the manual before turning on the power.


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