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Yaskawa increasing robot production despite supply issues


Kočevje - The Kočevje-based factory of Japanese industrial robot producer Yaskawa saw a big drop in revenue last year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, but this year it is seeing production and sales growth. They expect sales to reach EUR 32 million 2021, a 140% increase compared to last year.

The company estimates that it will produce and sell 3,400 robots and 2,100 controllers this year, a significant increase on last year, when they only made half as many robots and only 200 controllers.

Like many other companies, Yaskawa is also facing major problems in the supply chain, but so far, they are managing to effectively secure all the materials they need for production.

They also noted that logistics have become very expensive, as the price of shipping this year has already exceeded last year's price five times, said Hubert Kosler, the company's managing director. They are also facing a significant increase in the price of electricity.

"Despite all these difficulties, we are managing to maintain and even increase our regular production of robots and controllers, and hope to continue to do so in the future," said Kosler.

He also said that the company was satisfied with the current economic environment in Slovenia, but added that they would like to see a tax reform passed as soon as possible.

Japanese corporation Yaskawa, which is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial robots, started building its factory in Kočevje in 2017, and production started two years later. At the start of production, the company planned to employ 200 people by 2023. It currently employs 118 people.


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