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Mandatory quarantine scheme made stricter


Ljubljana - The mandatory quarantine regime in Slovenia has been tightened up, as the government decided at a correspondence session on Wednesday to make people who have received a booster jab the only exception to mandatory self-isolation after a high-risk contact. The new scheme, recommended by epidemiologists, will apply from Thursday.

The proposal for the revised regime was presented on Tuesday by Slovenia's chief epidemiologist Mario Fafangel, who said that the current "two-tier quarantine system" was unsustainable and should be simplified to allow no exceptions except for those already jabbed with a booster.

The government has therefore heeded the warnings of experts with the National Institute of Public Health.

Epidemiologists would also like to see the updated Covid pass mandate to enter into force as soon as possible, that is for Slovenia to introduce a time limit on the Covid certificate for those vaccinated under the basic vaccination regime. The government decided last week to limit the validity of the Covid pass to 270 days from 1 February.

According to government data, a total of 411,198 people have received a booster dose so far.


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