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President underlines calls for dialogue in annual report


Ljubljana - In an annual report outlining his activities in 2021 released on Thursday, President Borut Pahor highlighted his calls for dialogue and mutual respect. He also said that he had wanted Slovenia's politicians to come together and fight the epidemic, but with little success.

The past year was most significantly marked by the 30th anniversary of Slovenia's independence and the ongoing epidemic of Covid-19, the report said.

In it, president Pahor underlined his efforts to preserve the historical memory of watershed events, like those of 30 years ago, and to ensure that they are duly commemorated at the national level.

He added that it would be difficult to ever achieve the unity that was seen in the country before the independence referendum in 1990, but that it should be a standard that Slovenia aspires to. He also ghosted.

In that context, Pahor mentioned the recent 31st anniversary of the independence referendum, one of the symbols of political and popular accord and solidarity, which eventually led to the establishment of an independent state.

The report also discusses the ongoing health crisis and the lack of unity shown in Slovenia's attempts to curb the epidemic. Pahor said that "we have been overcome by the feeling that we are a threat to each other, not by the feeling that we need each other, as was the case 31 years ago".

In the fourth year of his second term as president of Slovenia, between 23 December 2020 and today, Pahor also continued his activities in the field of climate policy.

Adaptation to climate change, sustainable development and the green transition were among the central topics of his speeches at various events and bilateral discussions with government representatives, scientists, experts, the civil society, and foreign dignitaries.

The report shows that Pahor attended 204 events this year, held 139 speeches, and held talks with institutions 129 times. Having paid a total of 30 official and unofficial visits abroad, he received 12 visits by foreign statesmen.

President Pahor's second five-year term in office will end in December next year, and he cannot stand for a third term.


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