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Primorske says Slovenia has a lot to show at end of EU presidency

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Koper - Despite an intriguing start to Slovenia's EU presidency, which was marked by tweets, complications with appointment of delegated prosecutors, non-financing of the STA, pressure on the media, misfortunate communication and poor understanding of the rule of law, Slovenia still has a lot to show after its six-month stint, Primorske Novice says.

"Slovenia and the presidency are not just Janez Janša. We should have learned that from the first presidency, which took place in a similar political situation."

Achievements by other Slovenians at home and abroad have overshadowed the political mess, the newspaper says, pointing to the Olympics and Tour de France. Over 2,500 public officials have also significantly contributed to the fact that at the end of the year and the EU presidency Slovenia has a lot to show.

Among the achievements of the presidency the paper highlights an agreement among EU countries on the strengthening of the bloc's resilience to future crises, progress in the setting up of a health union, and an agreement on the EU enlargement.

But it warns under the headline Holiday Wish that a "skeleton may still fall out of the closet of the presidency" in the future.


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