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Delo finds Slovenians caught in shopping frenzy


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo writes that Slovenians have thrown themselves into a "shopping frenzy" in Friday's commentary under the same headline, noting the surge in household consumption in the third quarter.

The paper dismisses retailers' complaints over Covid restrictions, noting that data shows neither the Covid pass nor the epidemic are an impediment to spending for Slovenians as long as shops are open.

"Household spending in the third quarter was huge, above even pre-pandemic levels, spiking mainly in non-grocery stores where the Covid pass mandate applies."

The paper says that even though some retailers will have been affected on average their earnings have increased and their gross margins in third quarter rose to a level not seen for a long while.

Consumption is driven by factors such as record-high employment, a 7% growth in average gross pay this year, Covid hazard bonuses and vouchers, the paper notes.

However, it also warns that next year the standard of living and purchasing power will be affected by high inflation.

"The state can mitigate price hikes, like those of energy, with short-term measures, while it can help increase the prosperity of the population with long-term measures. Next will be an election year. Let it be also the year of a vision for more prosperity of all."


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