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Humanitarian Ogulin named Val 202's Name of the Year


Ljubljana - Anita Ogulin, the head of the Botrstvo humanitarian project and a long-time volunteer, has been declared the Name of the Year by the Val 202 radio channel of the public broadcaster RTV Slovenija.

It is because of Ogulin and her colleagues that many children from socially disadvantaged families have been given the opportunity to develop their talent, Val 202 said as it announced the winner of the contest on Thursday.

Ogulin, who also chairs the NGO Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje, has been a volunteer humanitarian worker for more than six decades.

"A humanitarian who opens the eyes of society and who has helped tens of thousands of children recognise their worth and see a better future ahead," Val 202 said of Ogulin, noting that the Bortstvo project had so far helped almost 11,000 children.

"She helps children overcome adversity and dilemmas with great sensitivity, interest, patience and heartiness. Every week she travels to the remotest parts of the country and of society, among the most overlooked people."

The decision to pick Ogulin as the 2021 Name of the Year was made as the 12 finalists selected the winner amongst themselves in a vote.

The other finalists were the head of the Duh Časa association for sustainable development Matjaž Ugovšek, theatre and film actress Mia Skrbinac, director of the Association of Lymphoma and Leukaemia Patients Kristina Modic, mouth painter Vojko Gašperut, director of the NGO Inšitut 8. Marec Nika Kovač, cyclist Tadej Pogačar, sport climber Janja Garnbret, humanitarian and ski instructor Ana Tasič, poet and author Svetlana Makarovič, oncologist Gregor Serša and volunteer firefighter Gregor Lampelj.


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