The Slovenia Times

Dnevnik finds government's way of ruling underhand


Ljubljana - In its latest commentary headlined Ruling by Planting, Dnevnik says that the current government often plants dubious provisions into bills that are often unrelated to the legislative proposals' main foundations, citing the recent attempt to replace people in leading positions in the police as an example.

Dnevnik begins by saying that the current minority government is ruling in an underhand way, and continues to do so regardless of numerous warnings from the public and the expert community on various issues.

"This only comes to a halt at the Constitutional Court, which also stayed the implementation of the recently adopted provisions of an act regulating police work related to termination of contracts, which removed 126 police chiefs overnight."

Dnevnik then describes how Interior Minister AleŇ° Hojs went about introducing brutal staffing changes in police administration, and says that the minister successfully planted his loyal staff member Anton Olaj to the post of the police commissioner.

Olaj misses no opportunity to confirm, with his words and actions, that he faithfully provides politicians with influence over the police, adds Dnevnik.

The paper concludes by citing Olaj's recent public questioning of the competence of prosecutors to direct investigations by the National Bureau of Investigation as an example of the government's underhand dealings related to police administration.


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