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NLB deep in red, government on a hunt for strategic partner


The loss of the state-owned and largest Slovenian bank increased by 27% to EUR 233.2m last year, while the group's loss was up 18% over 2010, at EUR 239.2m. NLB announced another difficult year in 2012.

The agenda of the session may also include the failure of the commission in charge of proposing a new chairman for the bank to do so by the April deadline.

Božo Jašovič, who resigned in December last year over a disagreement with the previous government, will continue to run the bank until further notice and enjoys the full support of the supervisors, the commission has said.

NLB is meanwhile still waiting for an additional EUR 400m capital increase after it received a EUR 250m injection from the state last year.

While the government has announced that the state will not participate this time, it has not yet revealed the names of any potential investors.


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