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Velenje finds new, Covid-safe ways to celebrate New Year's Eve


Velenje - Due to measures against the epidemic, outdoor New Year's Eve celebrations in Slovenia have been cancelled, including the one in Velenje. However, the town in the north in the country has found some alternatives - New Year's serenades, a cultural programme and surprises that will bring joy to its citizens in a Covid-safe way.

A short musical programme will take place at five different locations in the town centre between 4pm and 7pm on 31 December, the municipality of Velenje said.

The people of Velenje will be able to hear brass and percussion bands and watch the "snowflake dance" on New Year's Eve from the safety of their homes, while fairytale characters will distribute gifts from Velenje Mayor Peter Dermol to random passers-by.

Grandfather Frost, who brings gifts to children in Slovenia on top of Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas, will also join the celebrations as he will wave farewell by driving along the town's streets in his carriage.

In addition, the Velenje Theatre will stage a New Year's Eve performance at the Velenje Cultural Centre, as indoor New Year's Eve celebrations are allowed provided preventive measures are heeded.

Winter wonderland fans have another treat in store as Velenje Festival has displayed a number of spatial interventions, including Festive Grove and Winter Land that hits all the right notes particularly in the evenings.


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