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Idea of mandatory vaccination dividing public, poll shows


Ljubljana - The public is divided when it comes to mandatory vaccination, shows an opinion poll by the pollster Valicon. The concept is fully supported by 23% of the respondents. The same share is in favour of it to a certain extent, whereas compulsory vaccination is completely opposed by 36% and partly by 12% of respondents.

"If we don't take into account the 6% that are undecided, the ratio between those who are largely against mandatory vaccination and those who are mainly in favour of it is 51:49," Valicon said.

In July, the ratio was 56:46, and the share of the undecided was the same.

Valicon also enquired about the respondents' attitude towards the PCT rule of the recovered, vaccinated or tested.

When this was first imposed, the share of people against it was slightly bigger, however, the latest survey shows that this has changed, as the ratio is 65:35 in favour of the rule.

The respondents are more optimistic about the epidemiological trends compared to the same period last year, but at the moment the optimism curve is on a decline, whereas at the end of 2020 it was rising.

"Given the current situation we can expect that the negative trend will continue," the pollster said.

The respondents are less worried about the coronavirus situation as they were a year ago, likely due to vaccination. However, the share of the concerned is still higher than the share of those who are not worried.

Even fewer respondents have confidence in the government's epidemic management compared to last year. The trust level has fallen from -44 to -50. The lowest point in this respect was recorded in mid-November this year (-60).

Valicon also provided an estimate of the total of citizens who have recovered from Covid-19 or are fully immunised. On 24 December, the figure stood at 72% of the population. 73% of those aged 18-75 have received the first jab or say they will definitely or likely get vaccinated.

The survey was conducted between 24 and 26 December among 523 adults.


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