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Janša upbeat about 2022 in view of investment drive


Ljubljana - The health crisis brought Slovenia to the brink, but the country also managed to score major victories that will carry it on in what will be a wave of investments, Prime Minister Janez Janša said in his New Year's message on Thursday.

He said an unprecedented investment cycle was coming up and soon "the fruit of our shared work will be visible everywhere," referring to funds earmarked for the construction or renovation of schools and kindergartens, hospitals, aged care homes, apartments and roads.

Slovenia has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the highest employment rate in history and upbeat growth forecasts for the future.

Having successfully completed its presidency of the EU, the country has "paved the way for many projects for greater prosperity and security, not just in Slovenia but in the entire EU."

As for 2021, Janša said it had been confirmed once again how precious it is to have people who place the common good at the forefront. "Our special thanks goes out to them. All of you who have saved lived in these difficult times ... should know that we appreciate your work and your effort."


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