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New Year's Eve in emergency ward less busy than usual

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Ljubljana - The New Year's Eve in the Ljubljana emergency ward was less busy this year than usual. There was one case of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and one severe stab wound in the stomach and a wound caused by pyrotechnics were treated, Matej Cimerman of the UKC Ljubljana hospital told the press on Saturday.

A total of 124 injured people were examined over the night, which is a "relatively low number" for the emergency ward in the capital for the New Year's Eve, Cimerman said.

A total of five major surgeries were performed, one of which involved plastic surgeons due to injuries by firecrackers.

"There were fewer severe traumas, while the number of fractures suffered by the elderly due to osteoporosis increased in the face of demographic change over the past 20 years," Cimerman said.

Stomach pumping is not performed in the emergency ward, while those who are under the influence of alcohol and have suffered a head injury undergo computed tomography of the head to rule out possible brain damage.

They are then taken for monitoring, Cimerman said, adding that there were quite a few such "party animals" this New Year's Eve as well.

He assessed that people have largely followed the recommendations against the spread of Covid-19 and spent the last night of the year more peacefully than usual. The stab wound that was treated in the ward was a result of alcohol intoxication.


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