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EU introduces new rules on digital content and goods sales

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Brussels/Ljubljana - New EU rules on digital content and on the sale of goods entered into force on 1 January making it easier for consumers and businesses to buy and sell digital content, digital services, goods and "smart goods" across the EU, the European Commission explained.

"By providing legal certainty, the new rules will strengthen consumers' rights and also encourage businesses to sell their goods and services across the EU. This will help consumers in millions of everyday transactions," said European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders on the occasion.

Relevant data for Slovenia show that only 8% of Slovenian retailers sell goods online in other EU countries, while 21% sell within Slovenia.

Differences in national legislation are a significant barrier to cross-border online sales for 38% of Slovenian traders, the European Commission Representation in Slovenia said on Monday.

In the case of harmonising rules for online trading across the EU, 58% of Slovenian companies active or interested in cross-border online trading said they would "definitely" or "somewhat" increase the amount of such trading.

Meanwhile, 17% of Slovenian consumers buy online from other EU countries, while 30% buy only within Slovenia. The results also show that 41% of Slovenian consumers are confident when shopping online from another EU country.


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