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Delo finds quarantine rules unfair to vaccinated kids


Ljubljana - Schools are being threatened by quarantine, not just omicron, the newspaper Delo writes in the headline of Tuesday's front-page commentary, finding that quarantine rules are unfair to vaccinated children.

The paper notes that about 30% of the 12-17-year-olds have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Under new rules even the fully vaccinated and recovered will have to self-isolate if an infection is confirmed in their class as only booster shot exempts you from quarantine.

"The government decision is rather unfair to vaccinated students as boosters have not been approved for them yet. Hybrid classes, where the vaccinated and recovered stayed in school and the rest were self-isolating, are gone."

The paper concedes that having all pupils either at home or at school makes it easier to organise classes, bit it also notes that new quarantine orders will also "decimate" staff, many of whom have not had booster jabs.

"Some have been jabbed twice and have just recovered from Covid-19 and cannot be jabbed again. After a risky contact all those will likely stay healthy at home and the state will pay for that," writes the paper, predicting imminent school closures due to staff shortages.

The paper welcomes indications of change to quarantine rules also because of the experts' warnings about the damage remote schooling is doing to children and youth, suggesting that those who got the jabs should get some recognition.


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