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Croatian police to aid Slovenian officers on ski slopes


Zreče - Croatian police have been helping their Slovenian counterparts with their presence on Slovenian ski slopes for years, as many Croatian tourists come to Slovenia for skiing holidays during their winter break. Two Croatian officers will join patrols at the Rogla, Kope and Kranjska Gora ski resorts until 16 January.

The two Croatian officers will be cooperating with their Slovenian counterparts in prevention activities and ensuring the safety of skiers, while providing help with communication and alleviating any potential language barrier issues.

For the last ten years, Croatian police officers have been coming to help at Slovenian ski resorts in the winter, while Slovenian officers provide assistance at Croatian seaside resorts in the summer. Appreciation for this cooperation has been expressed by both sides.

The Slovenian police said that misdemeanour on ski slopes has been relatively rare of late, but there have been quite a lot of accidents with serious injuries, which they have to investigate and determine the causes or any potential liabilities.

Over the last five years, the police have dealt with an average of around 100 skiing accidents per year, with about half of them resulting in serious injuries.


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