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Paper examines situation before upcoming elections


Ljubljana - Primorske Novice says in its latest commentary that the outcome of the upcoming triple-election year is uncertain, pondering whether the deteriorating public discourse in politics will calm down and whether the established political bloc divisions can be shaken up by new faces.

The paper begins by saying that the "super-election year" will bring general, presidential and local elections, adding that at least the general election, expected to take place at the end of April, will be marked by measures against the epidemic.

"No handshakes, no merrymaking, no hugging and other pleasantries with potential voters! Politicians will try to maintain emotional closeness mainly through social media, and it looks like it's going to be a nasty and dirty election campaign."

Primorske Novice says that public discourse has deteriorated significantly in recent times, also due to populism on social media, and adds that recent data on participation in elections shows that people have lost their faith in politics and politicians.

"This election will show whether the past two epidemic years have made any difference among the electorate and activated it politically," the paper says, adding that "there is still room for newcomers in the political centre" and that "things can be shaken up".

"Perhaps new players could somewhat alleviate and transcend the now intolerable bloc divisions between the existing political parties and bring the so-desired moderation, but that is by no means certain," concludes the commentary Elections in New Circumstances.


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