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Slovenian, Croatian PMs Meeting in Maribor


The working meeting will be held after a ceremony at the memorial for the victims of the 1945 summary executions, where Janša will lay a wreath at 10:05 AM, followed by Milanović, accompanied by Croatian President Ivo Josipović and Speaker Boris Šprem at 10:30 AM.

The disagreement regarding savings deposits of Croatian clients in the Zagreb branch of the defunct Slovenian LB bank is expected to top the agenda of the Janša-Milanovič meeting at 11:05 AM.

The pair are scheduled to address the press after talks, at noon.

The countries agreed in 2010 to resolve the issue of savings deposits at the defunct LB bank under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel (BIS) as part of the succession process for the former Yugoslavia. However, these talks were never launched.

The pair will likely also touch on the ratification of the EU accession treaty in Slovenian parliament, as Zagreb fears that the LB issue could affect the process. Slovenia however stressed that the process would go on as planned.

Apart from these two, the prime ministers might also address the question of storage of nuclear waste from the jointly owned Krško nuclear power plant, NEK, and plans for a joint session of the two cabinets.

Janša and Milanović first met at the sidelines of a multilateral meeting of central European leaders with Chinese PM Wen Jiabao in Warsaw on 26 April.


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