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90th Friday protest against RTV Slovenija's subjugation


Ljubljana - Friday protesters against government policies gathered for the 90th time in Ljubljana's Republic Square tonight, this time around to highlight the political subjugation of public broadcaster RTV Slovenija and other Slovenian media. Jaša Jenull, one of their main figures, urged citizens to turn out at the April general election en masse.

The protesters called on a new government to immediately annul all staff appointments and procedures the Janez Janša government had made at RTV Slovenija over the past 20 months.

The Protest People's Assembly, as the organisers call themselves, said in a statement the subjugation, politicisation and dismantling of Slovenian media and RTV Slovenija was ever more obvious.

"The Janez Janša government is not even trying to hide any more that it will try, in the months ahead of the election, to turn RTV Slovenija into its propaganda channel with the help of unlawfully appointed members of the programming and supervisory boards and other political 'intruders'."

The protesters proceeded to RTV Slovenija's headquarters to express their support to journalists and to urge them to respect the highest journalistic standards and to resist the undermining of the public broadcaster.


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