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Delo says Golob, anti-vax sentiment factors in election outcome


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo lists three factors that will affect the outcome of the April general election in Saturday's front-page commentary under the headline Robert Golob and Skeletons in the Closet.

"The first important factor will be the turnout, which will largely determine the winner," writes the paper, pointing to opinion polls suggesting it will be by about a fifth higher than in 2018.

"Another major variable is Robert Golob. He has gone up sky high in the polls for the time being and that with a party he has not got yet. He has not said what it will stand for at all."

The paper says an important question regarding the deposed energy boss is "how dangerous the skeletons that might fall out from his closet are to him. He confidently claims he will not bother with things from the past one of which is similar to the wiretapping scandal embroiling Minister Andrej Vizjak."

The paper finds the third relevant factor is the anti-vaccination sentiment, noting that public opinions show an anti-vax party could strongly impact on the fortunes of even some parties that are still in parliament now.

Referring to French President Emmanuel Macron, who in an interview ahead of the presidential election announced his intention to 'emmerder' (piss off) unvaccinated citizens, the paper says Slovenian politics is incapable of adopting such a stand: "It is obviously easier to circle around anti-Janšism, while the everyone appears to be afraid of the anti-vaccination axis that could wedge its way between the two blocs."


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