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Maribor, second largest city, situated in the northeastern part of Slovenia, will open its first international school in the next school year 2021/2022. Classes in English will be available for children and youth from the age of 3 to 19 with registration for pupils and teachers open until the end of January 2022.

School will follow the programmes developed by the Geneva-based organisation International Baccalaureate (IB) already taking place in 146 countries worldwide. The school will implement all three IB programmes, primary years programme (PYP), middle years programme (MYP) and diploma programme (DP). International departmet in Leon Ċ tukelj Maribor Primary School is to provide the pre-school and most of the primary courses and international department II. Gimnazija Maribor will be responsible for the final two years of primary and for secondary school courses.

The school is aimed mainly at the children of foreign diplomats and representatives of businesses and other organisations, and children of Slovenian citizens residing or planning to reside abroad.

This is an important step forward for the Municipality of Maribor.  Maribor is a recognizable university, economic, research, cultural, and sports center, a city that is increasingly opening up to the world, a city that wants to become a capital of opportunities and talents. The high quality of life, work, creativity and the integration of Maribor into the wider European space attracts creative staff from Slovenia and abroad.

Investors choose Maribor because of its geostrategic location, many innovative, development-oriented companies, highly educated, technological workforce, favorable business environment, and developed infrastructure, favorable living environment, security, short distances, and unspoiled nature. Maribor is also home to the oldest vine in the world, which also holds the Guinness World Record, and therefore the gastronomic center of Eastern Europe.

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