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Expo: Vrtovec notes importance of logistics digitalisation


Dubai - The need for digitalisation, including in logistics, has further increased during the pandemic, Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec said as he visited the Dubai Expo on Tuesday. He also noted the ambition of Slovenia becoming a green nexus for the entire Europe.

"Transport and logistics are important factors in our economy and today's business forum is a right step towards Slovenia becoming a green nexus for the whole of Europe," the minister said at a business forum held at the Slovenian Expo pavilion under the slogan Slovenia as the Greenest Crossing to Europe.

"Slovenia is very strategically located in the heart of Europe - with transport and infrastructure, we have all the attributes of one of the best logistics and distribution locations in the northern Adriatic region," said Matic Volk, Slovenia's Expo commissioner.

The event was also addressed via videolink by the head of the Slovenian logistics association Melita Rozman Dačar.

The forum was held as part of a series of events accompanying Slovenia'a business delegation from the field of logistics. It was organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and investment promotion agency SPIRIT Slovenija.

It comprised three panels dedicated to efforts to shorten the maritime route to Europe, reduce the carbon footprint and promote Europe's tourist attractions.

The participants included, among others, Luka Koper, the operator of the Slovenia's sole commercial seaport, and bus operator Nomago, which is also Slovenia's biggest travel agency.

The EU's intermodal transport network was also presented as was the Comark company's project which involves activities related to the transport of huge, heavy, critical and valuable cargo, said SPIRIT.

Three more business forums will take place at the Slovenian pavilion in January. The first will be dedicated to comprehensive innovative transport and logistics services and solutions for Europe, as well as a presentation of products and services from the Slovenian small business sector.

The next one will take place as part of a business delegation on sustainable development and wood. Last but not least, a business forum titled Personalised Medicine will be hosted at the pavilion at the end of the month to launch a new theme in the Slovenian Expo business centre.

Visitors to the World Expo can also look forward to presentations of tourist destinations in Ljubljana and Slovenia's central and coastal regions.

Innovative Slovenian companies will continue to showcase their know-how, achievements and potential with more than 30 of them being in the spotlight in January, a press release by SPIRIT added.


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