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Delo says state should bear more burden of energy price hikes


Ljubljana - Delo says in a commentary on Tuesday that, as companies and households have found themselves in a grip of high energy prices, the timing for the raise of network charge is the least appropriate, arguing that the higher cost of energy should be distributed more evenly between companies, consumers and the state.

The state record budget revenue and billions of euros of European funds at its disposal, which it should spend more economically, productively and efficiently, and renovation of the distribution network should be part of this spending.

"Instead, the state is shifting the burden of renovation to companies and households at a time of record energy price hikes," the newspaper adds under the headline In the Sharp Energy Scissors.

It argues that the cost of higher energy prices should be shared between businesses, consumers and the state, with the latter so far being deaf to the calls from business representatives for action.

"Perhaps things will be different after last week's meeting between leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Prime Minister Janez Janša, as the reactions of business representatives after the meeting in Brdo pri Kranju were optimistic."

Delo argues that, given such drastic price hikes, the state should help bear this burden, as many European countries have done so, which means that Slovenian companies are losing an edge in comparison to their European competitors.

"Even if the state takes action today, it will be too late, but this would be much better than not taking action at all, as high prices are likely to persist," concludes the commentary.


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