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MP leaves the Left for SocDems


Ljubljana - MP Željko Cigler has left the deputy group of the opposition Left to join the Social Democrats (SD). The head of the SD's deputy group, Matjaž Han, said this did not affect the relations within the Constitutional Arch Coalition (KUL), whose members are both the Left and SD.

Han said the SD saw the move as a confirmation that its deputy group was doing a good job and as an opportunity for those who had similar views and were partners within KUL to enter the election campaign even stronger.

He said the SD appreciated the MP and his political and personal striving for social democratic values. "We believe that the enhanced deputy group will do a lot of good for the citizens in the coming months of this term."

The Left told the STA that the party was preparing a list of candidates for the upcoming general election and that one of the conditions to be included was to have all liabilities to the party covered, including membership fee. Since Cigler did not meet this criteria, he announced today he was leaving the party and the deputy group.

"We at the Left want to thank him for the job he has done; the separation is consensual," the party said.

Now, the Left has seven MPs and the SD has 13.

Han said Cigler's decision did not reflect the relations among the partners of the KUL and that they remained good, marked by a spirit of cooperation.

Cigler is the second MP of the Left to join the SD deputy group this term. The first to do so was Franc Trček in March 2020.


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