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Hope for effective Social Dialogue is Growing


The annexes will take affect a day after the act on the balancing of public finances steps into force.

This should happen this Saturday, but the implementation of the act is suspended by at the least a month, as two police trade unions formally initiated proceedings that may lead to a referendum on the legislation yesterday.

The quorum for the annexes to be valid is met if the document is signed by unions representing at least four different activities in the public sector whose joint number of members exceeds 40% of public sector employees.

The annexes to the collective bargaining agreement for the public sector and to the collective bargaining agreements for non-commercial sectors were signed by Justice and Public Ministration Minister Senko Pličanič and Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič and the 21 unions.

The annexes to collective bargaining agreements for other groups of employees were also signed today by relevant ministers and all the unions who had signed the deal on austerity measures with the government.


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