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Conclusions of G-8 Summit Expected, PM Says


Speaking on the margins of the NATO summit which began hot on the heels of the G-8 meeting, Janša reiterated the view that austerity and growth are "two sides of the same medal".

"From this perspective it is funny to listen to countries who have no growth but are quick to say that growth is needed and criticise Germany, whose economy is growing considerably, in the same breath," the Slovenian PM said.

Meanwhile, Janša stressed that it would be a shame if the main topic of the G-8 was overlooked: providing safe and sufficient food for the global population.

The conclusions of the summit will ensure that aid, especially to Africa, will be increased and that the most advanced nations of the world will work to do away with hunger and poverty in the most affected parts of the world.

"I think this message from the G-8 summit is much more important than the resolution of an artificial dilemma about the balancing of public finances and growth," he added.


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