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Food company Proconi acquired by Eta Kamnik


Murska Sobota/Kamnik - Slovenian food processing company Eta Kamnik has recently acquired the Murska Sobota-based food company Proconi from its sole owner, the French agri-food firm Fleury Michon. Eta Kamnik plans additional investments in Proconi, which is primarily known for its ready-made meals.

Local media reported some time ago that Fleury Michon was prepared to sell local food producer Proconi, which was fully acquired by the French firm between 2008 and 2010.

The deal was finalised at the end of 2021, and Eta Kamnik took ownership of Proconi this week for an undisclosed price.

Eta's director Marko Konič told the STA that Eta Kamnik, best known for its pickled foods under the brand Natureta, acquired Proconi as a strategic owner with the intentions of continuing the company's core business in Murska Sobota.

The Murska Sobota newspaper Vestnik reported a few days ago that Eta Kamnik was considering setting up a development centre for the whole group at Proconi's location.

Konič explained that Proconi and Eta had already cooperated in the past, with Proconi pre-preparing meat for Natureta's Bolognese sauce, and Eta supplying Proconi with pickles, mustard, and green pepper for their ready-made meals.

Proconi's ready-made food brand Pogrej in pojej is expected to be preserved by Eta and rebranded as Natureta - Pogrej in pojej. They also plan to develop new products.

Proconi generated revenues of almost EUR 7.44 million in 2020, which was around 5% less than in the pre-Covid year of 2019. The company ended both years in the red.

Eta Kamnik generated net sales of EUR 20 million in 2020 and almost EUR 20.3 million in 2019. Net profit reached EUR 3.2 million in 2020, around a quarter more than that in 2019.

Konič did not want to discuss the company's last year's performance in detail, saying that business results were not available yet, but that sales were good and everything was in line with plans.


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