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Innovation as a key Competitive Advantage



Leaders in Slovenia

For a number of years, Kozmetika Afrodita has placed significant emphasis on innovation and thus it is no coincidence that it is Slovenia's leading cosmetic company. The company's Managing Director, Danica Zorin MijoŇ°ek, believes that new, significantly improved products, services, processes and procedures help solve current problems, meet certain needs, reduce costs and increase the company's competitive advantage. Kozmetika Afrodita knows it will maintain its leading position in the market in the long term only if it always offers its users something innovative, improved or more advanced, i.e. products that are in line with the consumers' needs and expectations.

Focus on nature and healthy products

Innovation is a process whereby a new idea results in market affirmation. The source of all innovation at the product level within the company, is in its own laboratories, providing strong technology and IT support for the company. The complex of laboratories consists of three services or departments, whose functions are always intertwined. The Development Laboratory is the generator of change in the company and the most important contributing factor to its entrepreneurial success. It includes a team of professionals from the fields of pharmacy, chemistry and microbiology, who design, create and develop new, innovative product formulas with a high content of natural active ingredients that are compliant with the Eco cert certification and are nature and health friendly.

High quality ensures visibility among rivals

The Control Department controls the physical and chemical parameters. Its work involves controlling the quality of raw materials and packaging, ensuring the appropriate quality of input materials and preventing poor quality of the finished product. It also ensures the quality of intermediate products through inter-process controls in the production and the quality of finished products where it is assessed whether the finished product complies with a specific parameter. The Microbiological Processes Control Department controls the microbiological parameters. Kozmetika Afrodita is aware that only technically sophisticated work and good communication between the three departments will ensure constant product quality over the long term, one of its strongest competitive advantages and given the deluge of new products, will continue to play a major role in preserving the company's position as the industry leader in the future.

Innovation is the engine of development

Innovation brings new and greater functionality in the form of higher quality, thus boosting the reputation of the company and thwarting competition. Kozmetika Afrodita is aware of this and in the last financial year it invested heavily in innovation supporting the launch of two new product lines. The launch of the innovative line of cosmetics, GOLD 24 Ka, which contains pieces of pure gold and in combination with isoflavones, offers luxurious care for the demands of mature skin.
The company's most recent innovation, the HYALURON line, was presented to the public in December 2011. It uses 100% natural patented hyaluronic acid which represents a major development in the care of dry and very dry skin. HYALURON beauty care is also an alternative to the painful treatment of injecting hyaluronic acid and it is safe for the consumer's skin, effective and pleasant. Product innovation will remain at the forefront of the business strategy of Kozmetika Afrodita in the future. Last but not least, its sales programme currently includes 500 products developed through the company's own knowledge and 25 new products are added each year.


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