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Second Vaccination Days mostly about boosters


Ljubljana - A total of 41,200 people got jabbed during the second Vaccination Days campaign that took place from Thursday through Saturday, with most of them seeking to get a booster shot. The Health Ministry is satisfied with the turnout, saying the figure is up by nearly 70% on the number of those jabbed in the same period last week.

During the campaign, aimed at boosting the vaccination rate, vaccination centres across the country were open between 8am and 8pm with mobile units dispatched to some local communities.

Data by the National Institute of Public Health shows that during the campaign's three days, some 2,100 people decided to get the first dose, almost 4,700 got vaccinated with the second dose, but the vast majority, over 34,400, visited the centres to get their boosters.

Thursday was the busiest day, as more than 16,000 people got jabbed, followed by Friday (some 15,700) and Saturday (over 9,000), the ministry said on Sunday.

Compared with the same three days a week ago, a period between 6 and 8 January, the total of the jabbed increased by 68%, highlighted the ministry.

"Based on our current knowledge of the new Omicron strain, we estimate, together with the IJS institute, that the latest Vaccination Days campaign has prevented 500 hospitalisations, 60 intensive care unit admissions and 15 deaths," the ministry added.

The first such campaign took place between 19 and 23 December with some vaccination centres being open around the clock at the time. More than 76,000 shots of coronavirus vaccines were delivered, and the vast majority were again boosters.

According to government data, a total of 1,257,555 people have received the first dose in Slovenia, meaning some 60% of the population, whereas 1,203,464 or some 57% have been fully immunised. 557,350 have received the booster dose.


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