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Measures to staff up SAF to resume this year


Ljubljana - The Defence Ministry will resume measures aimed at staffing up and rejuvenating the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) after the changes introduced last year whipped up interest in the service, both for army jobs and training.

Valter Vrečar, the head of the military affairs directorate, told reporters on Monday that the new concept of basic military and technical training, which is now the single entry point to attract new staff, produced concrete results.

The training takes 13 weeks in three phases of five, six and two weeks. Apart from military skills, the candidates also learn some other practical skills that come useful in everyday life, said Vrečar.

The cap on the age of the candidate involved in voluntary training has been raised from 27 to 30 years. The candidate may opt to undergo the entire training or take it by phases. The allowance they get at the end of the training has been raised too.

The ministry believes the changes made the training more appealing to young people. Last year, 258 more staff joined the permanent component after 222 did so the year before. A total of 285 were deployed in voluntary service after 106 the year before.

The measures to staff up and rejuvenate the SAF and improve its readiness will continue this year with interest in army jobs expected to increase further. Three calls up for voluntary training are planned - in February, July and August.


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