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Adria Airways Posts EUR 8M Loss in Q1


As Boštjančič told the STA, the company's biggest problems are high fuel prices and the euro-US dollar exchange rate, but measures are being taken to compensate for this.

The airline, which generated a loss of EUR 12m in 2011, plans to break even next year.

Adria Airways is meanwhile looking for a strategic partner, but Boštjančič noted that it was hard to say when a call for tenders would be published, adding that most of the work must be done before the call was published so that potential partners would be motivated to participate.

Boštjančič met in Montenegro this weekend with the bosses of other airlines in the region - Croatia Airlines, Serbia's Jat and Montenegro Airlines.

As the airlines are facing similar problems, the bosses discussed different possibilities of improving their position on the market and reducing their losses through cooperation.

They agreed to continue talks within working groups and bilaterally, and to meet again when progress will have been made, Boštjančič said.

The most seriously discussed possibility was commercial cooperation, while Adria Airways already started talks last year with Croatia Airlines on cooperation regarding aircraft maintenance and the fleet.


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