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Delo says companies will have staff issues also after Omicron


Ljubljana - Delo says in Tuesday's front-page editorial that companies in Slovenia will face shortage of staff also after the Covid-19 epidemic. This should be tackled with digitalisation and automation of processes, training of employees and creating attractive work conditions, and the state should help companies in this process.

The tsunami of the Omicron variant has caused a major staff crisis not only in hospitals and schools, but also in the economy, and a problem is that staff shortages will persist even after the epidemiological situation improves, the newspaper says.

While companies will probably find it easier to operate in a few weeks, they will still face problems due to shortage of staff, which decreases their growth potential, and at the same time slows down Slovenia's economic growth.

In addition to the emptied pool of staff, problems due to the lack of (qualified) employees will be commonplace in the event of new outbreaks of coronavirus or any other disease and transition to new business processes that require new knowledge and skills.

"Companies should thus navigate the Omicron wave as well as possible. At the same time, they should systemically prepare for the epidemic of staff shortage, including by digitalising and automating processes, training employees and creating attractive work conditions."

Delo argues that the state must help them do this, which requires a vision from the leading people in the government that must be followed by measures such as lower taxation of labour and adjustment of the education system.

The procedure of obtaining work permits should be facilitated and campaigns launched to attract foreign talent to Slovenia, concludes the commentary Staff Shortage Epidemic also after Omicron.


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