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Govt Drawing up Package to Stimulate Economy


The package includes proposals to improve the business environment through changes to five existing pieces of legislation and measures to back promising projects with financial incentives.

The package is expected to be reviewed by the government on Thursday before each ministry draws up respective legislative motions. Changes to existing legislation are expected to be passed by parliament before summer recess.

The companies act is to be amended to prevent a series of new companies being established in cases of abuse of rights or authority in the previous company. Also planned is further reduction of administrative barriers.

After a month ago parliament discarded a motion to reform the insolvency act that was drawn up by the previous government, the Janez Janša government will prepare its own proposal which will contain measures to shorten insolvency proceedings and eliminate provisions that enable protraction or abuse of procedure.

The changes are also expected to place more emphasis on the efforts to salvage the healthy parts of the business at insolvent companies.

Legislative changes are planned to remove obstacles in the sale of land at industrial zones that are owned by municipalities, which now cannot prevent speculative buying.

In a bid to boost development of industrial zones, municipalities would get a pre-emptive right to farmland that is part of the zones planned for construction.

The investors may be looking forward to simpler, faster and cheaper administrative procedures for construction. Also facilitated will be renovation to improve energy efficiency of buildings.

After a majority of membership of the Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business (OZS) opposed mandatory membership in a referendum, changes to the OZS will be drawn up.

The Finance Ministry has already drafted a reform payment default prevention act to introduce a new pledge by debtor to enforce payment and to scrap the maximum pay term, which would be up to the contracting parties.

The Finance Ministry has also drawn up changes to the state guarantees act under which companies would get access to sources for working capital enabling their further business.

The Ministry for Economic Development and Technology is preparing several public calls to financially support promising projects of companies in investments, human resources and efficient use of energy.

An action plan has been drawn up for micro, small and medium-sized businesses with a set of concrete measures to stimulate creation of such companies, speed up their development at the earliest stage, their competitive edge, growth and development.

Also planned are changes to the management of state shareholdings in companies as all the exiting managers (AUKN, KAD, SOD, DSU) are to be transformed into a single holding that would manage the state's financial assets and real estate.


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