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ARSO releases climate change projections until 2100

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Ljubljana - The country's Environment Agency (ARSO) has released an atlas of climate projections for Slovenia until the end of the 21st century to help stakeholders adapt to climate change. The new tool is intended for all those who are or will be involved in planning adjustments to the climate change in various areas, ARSO has said.

Almost 2,250 graphic simulations for various meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological variables are available at ARSO's website.

They enable exploring various scenarios or model results form ARSO's report Climate Change Projections for Slovenia until the End of the 21st Century.

Data can be accessed for the entire country or by individual climate regions, for different times of the year or at annual levels, for three coming decades and under three different greenhouse gas emission scenarios.

Changes to the number of days with a snow cover, to the intensity of the sun and the average wind speed can be followed alongside drought indicators and changes in the use of energy for heating and cooling.

ARSO for instance projects the largest changes to underground water levels at the end of the century in winter when it is expected to mostly rain rather than snow.

The heating season will be meanwhile getting shorter, to end up more than a month earlier at the end of the century compared to now.


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