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Slovenian minority grateful to Matarella as his terms runs out


Trieste - An umbrella organisation of the Slovenian minority in Italy has expressed gratitude to Italian President Sergio Matarella as his term is running out, noting his important institutional stance. It said this stance had played played an essential role both nationally and locally in building mutual respect and strengthening the country's reputation.

The Cultural and Economic Association (SKGZ) said on Saturday that when it comes to the cross-border relations, Mattarella and Slovenian President Borut Pahor had been able to provide a "decisive stamp to the good neighbourly relations".

The SKGZ noted the procedure of return of the Trieste National Hall to the Slovenian minority in Italy and this transfer being put into law on the 100th anniversary of the burning of the building by Fascists.

The organisation said that it was clear to both the SKGZ and the broader community that this was "mostly the result of Mattarella's confident effort after the very important encouragement by Slovenian President Pahor".

It also noted the similar approach by the two presidents at a ceremony in Europe Square that marked Italy's Gorizia and Slovenia's Nova Gorica being jointly declared as the 2025 European Capital of Culture.

"We sincerety hope and expect that in the coming days the Italian parliament will get united and choose a person of a similar profile for the new president of the republic," the SKGZ said.

The organisation added that it hoped the new Italian president would, like Matarella, unite people and would be able to put the concept of coexistence, solidarity and equality first on their value scale as the basis of the presidential term.

President Mattarella's seven-year term will expire on 3 February, as the election procedure for his successor starts next Monday.


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