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Telemach chosen as public administration's mobile telephony provider


Ljubljana - The Ministry of Public Administration has chosen telco Telemach as the provider of mobile telephony services, cell phones, and data transfer for the Slovenian public administration in 2022-2025 in a deal worth around EUR 6.6 million.

Telemach will provide mobile telephony services and new cell phones to the public administration between 11 February 2022 and 11 February 2025 at the cost of EUR 6.5 million.

The services of data transfer, use of the telecommunications provider's network and the purchase of equipment for data transfer will be provided between 15 April 2022 and 15 April 2025 for EUR 72,000, the ministry told the STA on Monday.

Telekom Slovenije and A1 Slovenija also submitted their offers, but the ministry excluded them over what the newspaper Finance said was excessive prices and the fact that they exceeded the funds allocated for the services.

Telekom's offer stood at almost EUR 12.4 million and A1's at nearly EUR 13.56 million.

The two companies told the STA that they had not yet decided whether to appeal the ministry's decision at the Administrative Court.

Telekom and A1 had asked for a review, but the National Review Commission had rejected both petitions as groundless.

However, both told the STA that they saw the selected provider as having underpriced itself with the EUR 6.6 million offer.

Telekom said it had told the ministry the call was based on the situation from three or even six years ago, while telecommunications had made significant progress since.

The company believes that as the largest buyer of such services in the country, the ministry "should encourage development and the use of state-of-the-art technology".

Similarly, A1 said "the conditions in the tender do not fully follow the current trends in telecommunications, so there is a risk that some users will feel this as a shortcoming".

There was no specific demand for providing 5G services in the tender, but the ministry explained that the selected provider is obliged to provide all services subject to the tender with the most advanced technology it has whenever possible.


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