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Over 90% have redeemed tourist vouchers


Ljubljana - Over 90% of people have at least partially redeemed the tourism vouchers from 2020, while the vouchers from 2021 have been redeemed by 82% of all beneficiaries, Financial Administration (FURS) data show.

Tourist vouchers were first made available in June 2020 as a form of government aid to the tourism sector due to the pandemic.

Around 90% of beneficiaries have fully or partially redeemed these vouchers, with the redeemed amount standing at EUR 260 million or 73% of the total available funds.

The second package of vouchers became available in July 2021 and these can be used for accommodation as well as cultural and sports services.

The 2021 vouchers have been fully or partially redeemed by around 82% of beneficiaries, who have so far spent EUR 116 million, which is around 62% of the total value available.

As tourism, hospitality and other related industries were again severely affected by the epidemic at the end of last year, the government decided to extend the validity of all vouchers until 30 June 2022.


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