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Giant honey bee a major draw at Dubai Expo


Dubai - The exhibition room in Slovenia's Expo pavilion in Dubai is home to a gigantic 3D model of the Carniolan honey bee. The 100:1 scale model has proven to be a popular attraction and over 100,000 people that have seen it thus far.

"Slovenia has a rich beekeeping tradition and the World Bee Day was declared by the UN in 2017 upon Slovenia's initiative, so we wanted to honour that tradition at the Slovenian Expo pavillion in Dubai as well," according to Slovenia's Expo 2020 commissioner general Matic Volk.

"That is why we included a 3D model of the Carniolan honey bee in the presentation of one of Slovenia's regions, and it has proven to be a popular attraction at the Expo which raised many eyebrows," he added.

The 3D model was made last year for the Slovenian Beekeeping Association. It is 170 centimetres long and has several moving parts. It is a morphologically accurate representation of the animal.


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