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Average Slovenian drinks 35 litres of wine a year


Ljubljana - An average Slovenian drank 35 litres of wine in the marketing year 2020-2021, that is nearly three litres a month. The country's wine consumption in this period totalled 764,000 hectolitres, and the self-sufficiency rate stood at 95%, according to data released by the Statistics Office.

Slovenia produced 725,000 hectolitres of wine during this period, with white wine accounting for 70%.

Wines with a protected designation of origin contributed 58% to the country's total wine production, or 423,000 hectolitres.

White wine seems to have been a bit more popular in 2020-2021, as it represented 66% of the total wine consumption in the country.

The average Slovenian drank 23 litres of white wine in the last marketing year, or almost 2 litres a month. Slovenia was completely self-sufficient in this period when it came to white wine.


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