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After-hours voting proposed for those in quarantine, isolation


Ljubljana - In a bid to adjust the upcoming general election to the Covid reality, the National Electoral Commission (DVK) has proposed that polling stations remain open for two extra hours in the evening to enable people in isolation or quarantine to cast their votes. A decision on the proposal is expected on Thursday.

In line with the proposal, polling stations would be open until 7pm as usual, and then they would prepare for voters who are in isolation or quarantine, who would come to cast their vote between 7.15pm and 9.15pm. People unable to arrive at polling stations because of Covid-19 would be allowed to vote from home.

In case of good weather, the DVK proposes voting outside or in tents. Under an informal proposal, election would be held in the same way as in Portugal, where a special time slot was reserved for people in quarantine or isolation within the normal opening hours of the polling stations.

Namely, extending the opening time of polling stations would mean a later start of the vote count and a belated announcement of the results, said the DVK.

A decision is expected to be reached at a DVK meeting in Brdo pri Kranju on Thursday featuring representatives of the National Institute of Public Health, the Health Ministry and the government's Covid advisory group.


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