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Janša visits Slovenia's central bank upon 30th anniversary


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Janez Janša paid a visit to Banka Slovenije on Tuesday after Slovenia's central bank recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. He received a gold medal that represents the "connection between the central bank and the country", the prime minister's office said.

One side of the medal symbolises the creation of the Slovenian state, the graphic representation of which was chosen by the citizens of Slovenia in an online vote, while the other side depicts the development of the central bank.

Upon receiving the medal, PM Janša congratulated Banka Slovenije Governor Boštjan Vasle and accompanied him on a tour around the bank's museum, which presents the central bank's work and aims to strengthen financial literacy among young people and adults.

The museum also presents the development of the Slovenian currency, the functioning of the euro system and the role of Banka Slovenije in it, as well as the bank's key activities.

Banka Slovenije was established as the country's central bank on 25 June 1991, and its first task was to ensure the establishing of Slovenia's first independent currency - the tolar.


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