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Wild car chase results in police officers' slight injuries


Ljubljana/Trojane - The police attempted to stop a 23-year-old Turkish citizen due to speeding on Saturday evening, but he ignored their orders and sped off. Three police officers sustained minor injuries during a car chase that followed. It transpired that the man was transporting a Turkish migrant.

The Turkish citizen was first spotted by the police on the motorway near Vrhnika, south-west of Ljubljana. His car with German licence plates was driving at high speed in the direction of the capital and later continued along the Štajerska motorway towards Maribor.

All along, the man ignored police orders to stop, driving at an average speed of more than 200 kilometres per hour in certain sections. He endangered the safety of all road users, said the Ljubljana Police Administration.

He crashed into a police car and another car during his attempt to escape the police. When he was finally stopped at the Podmilj tunnel at Trojane, north-east of Ljubljana, he deliberately collided with two police officers and a police vehicle. Three police officers were slightly injured in the incident, but no civilian.

The police found that the 23 year old was transporting a 22-year-old fellow citizen, and both of them had previously tried to cross the border without papers at a border crossing.

The passenger was placed in a detention centre for foreigners, whereas the driver was arrested and will be brought before an investigating judge on suspicion of having committed the offences of obstructing an official act or assaulting an official and dangerous driving, the police said.


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