The Slovenia Times

Türk Leading in Presidental Race


Milan Zver, MEP for the senior coalition Democrats (SDS), came in third with 14% and the president of the non-parliamentary National Party (SNS) Zmago Jelinčič has the support of 9% of the respondents.

By party affiliation, 52% of Social Democrats' (SD) voters prefer Türk as president to their own party's leader Pahor (36%).

Türk also has strong support among voters of the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS), with 78% of them preferring the incumbent to other candidates.

Among SDS voters, support is not as uniform, as 43% of the SDS-inclined voters would support Zver, 19% said they would vote for Pahor and 15% for Türk.

The telephone survey, which was conducted by the daily's in-hose pollster Delo Stik on 22 and 23 May on a sample of 503 respondents, also inquired about the work of the opposition.


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