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Slovenia supports new business model of low-carbon farming

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Strasbourg - Slovenian Agriculture Minister Jože Podgoršek on Tuesday welcomed an initiative for a new business model for low-carbon farming that is based on the actual sequestration of carbon and involves the option of evaluating that on the market.

The development and introduction of solutions for carbon removal is an important element in the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050 and Slovenia agrees agriculture and forestry have an important role to play in sequestration efforts, the ministry said after an informal session of EU agriculture ministers.

Podgoršek told his counterparts that the initiative was an opportunity for extra income for farmers and foresters. "At the same time, we may not forget the basic function of agriculture - food production," he was quoted as saying.

The French presidency wanted input from member states on which practices they deem favourable for reduction of carbon emissions and sequestration.

Podgoršek singled out measures such as greening, permanent soil cover, and crop rotation. He also mentioned measures to preserve wetlands, appropriate management of liquid manure, use of feed supplements, and sustainable management of forests.

According to Podgoršek, broad take-up of low-carbon farming required motivating farmers and designing carbon-reduction schemes that are simple and take into account soil and climate specifics as well as various structural specifics.


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